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There are a number of parking areas on Victoria Quay, including short, medium and long-term options.

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Victoria Quay parking

Fremantle Passenger Terminal parking

Please note there is no overnight parking at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal.

Due to operational and security requirements, the parking area in front of the Fremantle Passenger Terminal building has been designated for the convenience of passengers for set down and pick-up only. Overnight parking is not available in front of the Passenger Terminal. Any vehicle left unattended after the sailing of a cruise vessel will be subject to an immediate fine and may be towed.

Long-term parking

There is long-term parking at Victoria Quay (Zone 3 dedicated all-day parking areas) near C and D Sheds. It costs $12 a day (plus 0.8% surcharge for credit/debit cards). Please note this parking is not undercover nor is it secure and it is in demand.

Pay for parking on arrival - Pay for the number of days at the ticket machine by entering your vehicle registration (maximum 7 days).

For additional days contact 1800 PARKING


Download the Wilson Parking App to easily pay for parking from your phone.

Cruise or ferry passengers seeking secure, undercover, long-term parking can park at Kings Square Car Park, 22 Henderson St, Fremantle. More information is available from Secure Parking.

Motorcycle parking

There are designated parking bays for motorcycles near the eastern end of B Shed (near the cafe) and near the eastern end of E Shed. These bays are free and have no time limit for motorcycles. If you park a motorcycle in a car bay, you need to pay the relevant parking fee and adhere to the time limit.

Disabled parking

There are parking bays for people with ACROD permits throughout Victoria Quay. If you have an ACROD permit and these bays are full, you may park for free in a standard bay. You can also park for free if you display a Companion Card on your dashboard.

Parking inquiries and machine faults

All parking on Victoria Quay is managed by Wilson Parking and the sites are patrolled regularly by parking Enforcement Officers. Vehicles are subject to the terms and conditions displayed throughout the car park areas.

See the Victoria Quay map for parking area information.

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