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Ancient Rome: Epic Innovators and Engineers, WA Maritime Museum, until 26 April

Travel back in time and discover the determination, machines and genius that carved the great Roman Empire.

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Sat 7 Dec 2019 – Sun 26 Apr 2020

9:30am – 5pm

WA Maritime Museum

Travel back in time and discover the determination, machines and genius that carved the great Roman Empire.

Ancient Rome: Epic Innovators and Engineers is a family-friendly exhibition featuring carefully reconstructed replica machines that reflect one of the most technologically significant times in human history.

The Roman Imperial period (52BC – 476AD) was an era of massive construction and large scale technical innovation that brought about unprecedented wellbeing. You will be surprised to see how much we inherited from 2,000 years ago—many of the objects, concepts and machines are still part of our modern lives.

Due to the ravages of time, very few pieces of ancient Roman technology and machinery have survived in their entirety. However, through studying archaeological finds and ancient texts, exhibition creators—Artisans of Florence in collaboration with the Niccolai Group (Firenze)—have reconstructed Ancient Roman technology using the same materials and techniques used thousands of years ago.

This exhibition includes models, catapults, frescoes, armour, weapons, busts, and much more.

Ancient Rome is best suited to primary school aged children though the entire family will enjoy learning about this fascinating era, including:

  • Military genius and mighty machines (Caesar’s army, discipline, tactics, war machines, armour, weapons)
  • All roads lead to Rome (measurements, transportation by road and sea, communication)
  • Building Rome (engineering - roads, bridges, buildings, monuments, aqueducts, tools, machines, techniques)
  • Entertainment (gladiators, colosseum, games, art, clothes, timekeeping, Roman life and people)

Discover this significant time in history as part of your family day out on Victoria Quay.


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